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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Audition: The Barbara Walters Memoir

Just finished this wonderful memoir. The obvious thing to take away from this read is the amazing places she has been, the people she has met. But there is so much more.  Here are 3 of them.

1.  I come away with the desire to write more letters.  Hand written letters for the most part have been replaced by email and phone calls.  While the latter both have their place, a handwritten letter can be powerful, touching, cherished.  
2.  I have made a decision to watch some old films of Katherine Hepburn.  As I read Barbara's interpretation of the "great Kate", I can identify with so much that was Hepburn.  Her attitude, "her bark being worse than her bite", and that she loved chocolates and champagne.
3. "The key to happiness is warm heartedness and compassion"...this is the Dalai Lama's prescription, not Ms Walters.  I thought it was worth repeating.    

I would recommend this book to any woman, especially those who struggle in a male world and Who feel they are held back by the "good old boys club".  Barbara Walters has been a pioneer for women in a man's world and she is proud of that, as she should be.


  1. Still trying to comment! This is a test!

  2. I loved it,too, Marge. I wanted to be her for just a day (or maybe a week)!