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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Weekly Green

In my quest for green I have had to face a devastating discovery. Cut flowers are not a green alternative.  The book Green, Greener, and Greenest, discusses the negative impact cut flowers have on the environment.  Most cut flowers in the US a grown in underdeveloped countries and shipped here "belching" fossil fuels all the way.  In addition,  they are grown in huge poorly ventilated greenhouses that expose the workers and end users to copious amounts of pesticides and herbicides.   
Here are the cut flower lover's options as cited in Green, Greener and Greenest.   At minimum wear gloves when handling fresh flowers to protect yourself from the residues of pesticides and herbicides used in growing.  Buy organic flowers to cut down on exposure of yourself and others to pesticides and herbicides.  Buying locally grown flowers cuts down on fossil fuel emissions.  Give potted plants or organic bulbs as alternative gift ideas.  Ask local shopkeepers to seek out local and organic sources.  

After reading this, I was delighted when I found bunches of tulips grown in Virginia at the market.  Virginia, that is local enough for me.  I bought two.


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  2. Who would have known? I agree with my friend Peggy there is just so much green that a person can tolerate.

  3. Great photo. I'll still prob buy cut flowers occasionally.

  4. More than occasionally. I have to draw the line somewhere. I love my flowers the best I can say is that I will look at what viable alternative I have if any when the occasion calls for flowers.