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Friday, June 26, 2009

Removing Wine Labels

Does anyone have a great method of removing wine labels?  We have soaked the bottle in hot water and ice water.   So far steaming the label on the stove seems to work the best.  The labels are so beautiful I am sure I can find a good use for them.  From wallpaper, to a wine diary, to decoupage, the possibilities are endless.  All I have to do is get them off the bottle in one piece!


  1. Marge: Yes to wine labels. A small shot of 10w40 spray oil onto a soft cloth- Your husbands tee-shirt. rub only once, let sit over-night.. done. Peel ever so lightly.
    Good Luck... jack moxon

  2. Can not wait to try it! I think you may have given me some inspiration to dust off this old blog in the process