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Friday, March 27, 2009

Barred Owl

This is a great example of how small things give great pleasure.  A mother Barred Owl surprised my friend, Sister Mary, this morning.  She is nesting in an old Sycamore tree in her back yard. She says they frolic in the day light, fish in the creek and live in couples.  Can't wait for my hummingbirds to arrive this year and the old Redtail Hawk that lives in the trees beyond my home.  (no, Sister Mary is not a nun)


  1. cool site margie.
    glad you like the photo...just a little bit of paradise.
    spring 2009
    sister m

  2. in an opening
    wide and dark
    in big old tree
    with mottled bark

    there stands a sentinel
    thought old and wise
    who is quite spectacular
    to mine own eyes