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Friday, March 27, 2009

Movie Theater Popcorn

No more Movie theater popcorn for this girl.  I love going to the movie and having popcorn. But, from now on that corn is coming right out of my purse. Good old pop it yourself at home corn that I can control the content.  
There are 1650 calories in the large bucket of butter popcorn.  Sometimes Al and I get a refill. They are free!  I could have eaten 8 Krispy Creme donuts.  By the way, that 1650 figure didn't include the butter we asked them to put in the middle.  At 120 calories a level tablespoon, we are hitting 2000 calories in our first bucket.  To put it another way, we could have had 3 bottles of great wine.  Who do I think I have been fooling when I sashay up to the counter to order that corn?  Not only is it laden with calories but saturated fat and salt.  Rather have the wine.  No fat. No salt. 

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  1. Yeah - it is scary how many calories and grams of fat are in movie theater popcorn. Most people think it's not so bad if you don't add butter... wrong!
    Check out my blog post on calories in movie theater popcorn.