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Monday, March 30, 2009

Composting update

Worms arrived while I was on Gulf Coast. My husband added them without counting them.  There were suppose to be 500. Hope I didn't get cheated and there were only 499!  Do you think they counted them before they sent them?  When I look in composter I don't see any worms.  They must be hiding. I keep turning mixture. I keep adding stuff in an attempt to get the right mix of green and brown.  Lots of coffee grounds, egg shells, fruit peels old lettuce ... etc.  


  1. Counting worms? Hysterical! Maybe you should call them and say, "I think I only got 499 worms and you owe me one." Tell them you counted several times and you are positive that they made a mistake!

  2. So your saying you think Al did something with the worms? Like put them in the bottoms of little Tequila bottles or what?