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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stuck in an elevator with Oprah

The question of the day on Plinky is who would I not mind being stuck in an elevator with? I wouldn't mind being stuck in an Elevator with Oprah, so I could tell her how much I have enjoyed her show over the years and to besiege her not to alienate her audience that does not share her political views.
Note*** If I was down to my bikini size I probably would have said McDreamy!


  1. Glad to know you might give Oprah a second chance. Her canidate won and she is estatic. That fact should not negate all the good she has done trying to uplift the masses over the past 20 years. Think she would be great in an elevator, but maybe not quite the fun of McDreamy!!!!
    Keep on Hopin'

  2. wouldn't be oprah
    nor mr. mcdreamy
    don't want the politics
    wouldn't want to get steamy

    just a friend with guitar
    who knows how to play
    so we can sit and sing
    until the end of our stay

    singin' the el'vator blues
    played soulful and rife
    with lyrics portraying
    the u
    and d
    of life


  3. I would have to go with Robin Williams, hands down. I love him!!