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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Green: Composting Update

I wanted to take a minute to give you an update on my composting efforts.  At a party Saturday night I met a new friend.  Like me, she was also getting into worm composting.  Unlike me, she took a class and seemed to know a few things about worm composting that I did not, such as, the worms will drown if there is too much water in composter or that they will fry if composter gets too hot.  Sunday morning I went running out to composter which I had sitting in the sunshine.  Who knew they could not tolerate temperatures above 80 degrees?   I made my husband put rubber gloves on and search for the worms to comfirm that they were still alive.   He found 3 worms.  I knew the problem.  He wasn't looking hard enough!  I immediately put on the gloves and began looking for the red wiggle worms.   I found one!   Had my worms drowned in the rain water we heard sloshing around in the composter last week?  Or did I cook them in the sunshine.   Or are those worms just too small to see?   It appears that compost is being made so I am going to assume the worms are hiding.   I had my husband,  Al push the composter around the back of the house, to the lower deck, where it is now in the shade.  My new friend also seemed to know more about the eating habits of the Red Wiggle worm.  We will no longer be serving up whole egg shells.  Who knew they liked them smashed up?  I guess I still have a lot to learn about worms, composting and going green.  

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