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Sunday, May 3, 2009


1. Color- It depends on what its for... I can't pick just one.  I love Red, purple, yellow, green, blue, black
2. Dessert  -  creme brulee
3. Smell- lilacs, lavender
4. Flower- Calla Lilly in a vase, Orchids in a pot, Lilacs, Peony, Hydrangea, Rose, Wysteria, tulip, daffodil,  in the garden
5. Animal- dogs 
6. Month- April
7. Beverage- depends on the application - Coffee, Ice Tea, Water,  Sangria, wine, Margarita, Mint Julep
8. Pair of shoes- jimmy choo  flats
9. Snack- buttered popcorn
10. Song -  Some Where Over The Rainbow  
11. Book - Maybe -  Gone with the Wind
12. Fruit- berries of all kinds , mango, 
13. Hairstyle- one that is easy 
14. Piece of clothing - black Jeans 
15. Store to clothes shop- tough question
16. Season-Spring
17. Hobby-  blogging, photography, gardening
18. Thing to collect -  friends
19. Movie -  Love stories always leave me with a good feeling
20. Restaurant- Boca for dinner, Lavomatic for brunch

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  1. I enjoyed reading your list. I like red and photography, too.