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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boycott Oprah

I once totally enjoyed the Oprah show.  I was a follower.  I set my DVR to record her programming.  No more.  My conscience will no longer allow me to support the program. Oprah needs to understand that her viewership is there for entertainment and information. The straw that broke the camels back was when last week she credited the Obama's for American families now sitting down to dinner together once again. Now that she has decided to use her platform to espouse her political beliefs,  I have decided to turn off the Oprah show.  I have written to Oprah and to her sponsors. I hope friends and readers of my blog will do the same.  I think if I see Oprah scream with delight one more time over the Obama victory, I will hurl chunks.

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  1. Pretty! Thanks for that imagery! But, I totally agree. I'm pretty much DONE there too. Her only redeeming quality is her continued association with my fav. guy Dr. Oz or I'd have been done a long time ago. I, too, have written Oprah, as recently as last week. The straw definitely was when she gave B.O. credit for 'bringing back the family dinner' Huh? Please! Love your blog! Love you!