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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am becoming more convinced each day that the media is extinguishing the life out of our economy.  The extent of this recession is being blown out of all proportion.  The stock market is being overly influenced by fear.   Fear tactics are keeping Americans from using common sense,  eager for any solution no matter what it is and hesitant to fight back  I think maybe I am missing something. I think the media got a taste of how much they are able to influence policy during the last election and it has gone to their heads.  Where is the recession?  We just got back from a sold out Elton John and Billy Joel concert.  They rocked to a sold out crowd of approximately 17,000 at a minimum of $100 a seat.  The restaurant that we ate dinner at had a respectable crowd  stopping by for $30 crab cakes.  Repeatedly I am noticing having a hard time parking at the mall.  The Apple store is packed.  Restaurants are full on Monday nights.   Yes, businesses are closing and laying off, but there are opportunities out there.  I am not seeing the fear on main street that they want us to believe is there.  The only fear I hear about is fear of excessive government and of a media that is overstepping its boundaries. 

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