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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Walters, Nixon and Frost

I have decided to change my usual repertoire of novels to a steady stream of biographies.  The first one I am tackling is Barbara Walters "Audition".  I am really enjoying it.  What an interesting life this woman has led.  The people she knows, the places she has been, it is all too amazing.  I am enjoying this as my first biography because she talks about places, people and events  with whom I am familiar.  

Last night, I went to see the play  Frost/Nixon.  I compared Barbara Walters description of Nixon and found it to be parallel to the man depicted in the play.  I really enjoyed the play. It was fast moving, no intermission and  Stacy Keach  portrayed Nixon so well.   Between the play and the book, I am becoming more interested in this man, Nixon.  Maybe a Nixon biography is in my future. 

What did I learn about David Frost?  I learned that I would have loved to have been on the invitation list for his parties.  David gave lavish parties and had a world class guest list.  I love lavish parties.  One of the most excessive parties I ever attended was called the "Best of the Best" party given by Boston Beer Company.  The best champagne, the best caviar,  the best cigars, the best martini's, the best raw bar and it went on and on.  I have thrown some pretty good parties myself  it is one of the things I truly love to do.  Until next time...

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